Cthulhu Invictus

1   The pc’s patron Titus Pullo wants them to accompany a shipment of grain from the port city of Caesarea in Palestine to Rome. He explains that his grain shipment has been stolen the last three times and it’s ruining his business and prestige. How would it look to the governor if he cannot provide the much needed grain that the honest roman citizens require? He will offer to pay each pc handsomely for this favor and when they return he promises to send more “work” their way.
Possible outcomes:
  • Crooked business partners, there was no grain – Titus’s partner is running a scam he sends a bag or two of the best Egyptian grain to him in Rome and tells him for a price, he can have a galley filled with the grain headed towards Rome. This is a lie of course, since he pockets the money and hires a crew to ransack one of the ships making sure that there is at least one witness who reports back to Titus.
  • The ships are being attacked by Deep ones off the coast of Caesarea – they sink the ships with the grain and other loot still on board killing the sailors that are on the ship before they leave. The reason for the attack on Titus pullo’s ships is simple, years ago Titus pullo made a deal with a hybrid for safe passage for his ship if he would sacrifice his first born daughter to Dagon. Titus enjoyed several years of prosperity under the new deal until recently, when the hybrid showed up at his villa demanding his daughter to honor his deal he refused and for his refusal his ships are doomed.

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