Vera Gemini

Dancer, street walker, seer and sage they all describe Vera Gemini. People on the street know that if you want to know things or need something special you find Vera Gemini. She is at home in the posh spotlight of the LUX dinner club and just as comfortable in a dark alley entertaining a paying customer. She was born to a working class family in little Italy of Arkham. Her father, a warehouse worker would come home drunk and take his frustrations out on his wife and kids until he hit his wife once too many times and she struck back, sending him to the hospital and out of their lives. Her mother wasn’t as nice in order to make ends meet once her husband left her and the kids she would host “parties” with paying gentlemen. At the age of 16 when her mother started to include her in the “parties” Vera started to see the other world mixed with the real and that would have drove her insane if it wasn’t for the man in grey who appeared to her and showed her the truth. He called himself Desdinova and he took her under his wing and explained what she is going through is a gift from the invisible ones. He tutored her in the art of divining with tarot cards, how to read the portents and more importantly how to summon the invisible ones for help. Just before her 20thbirthday, he showed her a mirror, made of polished obsidian he told her that with this mirror, the future can be told and manipulated and with that he took the mirror and turned his back on her and vanished into the cold damp night. Since that night, Vera Gemini has become a force to be reckon with in Arkham – she runs a brothel near Federal Street and her clients includes the mayor and the new police chief. With them in her pocket she has free reign on how to run her businesses.
Vera Gemini – Seer, sage and madam   
STR   75%                                   SEX: Female                   AGE: 29
CON 55%                                   HP (14)                            Occupation : Occultist / Madam
SIZ    85%                                   Move 7
DEX 60%                                    Damage Bonus+1d4
APP 85%                                    Build 1
INT 60%                                     Sanity (50)
POW 75%                                  Magic Points (15)
EDU 75%
LUCK 90%                                                                    
Name                 Skill      Damage        Base Range     Uses per Round    Bullets in Gun (Mag)
Knife, Large      40%      1D8+DB          Touch                     1
.22 Short Auto   40%      1D6                   10 yards                1                        (3) 6
Skills                                                                                  Spells

Anthropology (20%)                                                      Summon/Bind Invisible ones
History(42%)                                                                  Read the cards
Library Use (57%)                                                         Elder Sign
Charm (52%)
Occult (55%)
Other Language (Latin) (50%)
Science (Astronomy)  (40%)
Lore (Voodoo) (55%)
Handgun (45%)
Fighting Brawl[Knife] (40%)
Dodge (40%)
Drive Auto (40%)
Listen (40%)
Cthulhu Mythos (10%)
Credit Rating (65%)

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