Call of Cthulhu is Chaosium’s classic roleplaying game of Lovecraftian horror in which ordinary people are confronted by the terrifying and alien forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. Call of Cthulhu uses Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying System, easy to learn and quick to play. This bestseller has won dozens of game-industry awards and is a member of the Academy of Adventure Game Design Hall of Fame. In 2001 Call of Cthulhu celebrated its 20th anniversary. In 2003 Call of Cthulhu was voted the #1 Gothic/Horror RPG of all time by the Gaming community. Call of Cthulhu is well-supported by an ever-growing line of high quality game supplements. This is the softcover 6th edition of this classic horror game, completely compatible with all of previous editions and supplements for Call of Cthulhu. This is a complete roleplaying game in one volume. All you need to play is this book, some dice, imagination, and your friends.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

H. P. Lovecraft bibliography

TitleDate writtenDate publishedForm
The TombJun 1917Mar 1922Short story
DagonJul 1917Nov 1919Short story
A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel JohnsonSum-early Fall 1917Sep 1917Short story
PolarisSpr-Sum 1918Dec 1920Short story
Beyond the Wall of SleepSpr 1919Oct 1919Short story
MemorySpr 1919May 1923Flash fiction
Old Bugsc.Jul 19191959Short Story
The Transition of Juan Romero16 Sep 19191944Short story
The White Shipc.Oct 1919Nov 1919Short story
The Doom that Came to Sarnath3 Dec 1919Jun 1920Short story
The Statement of Randolph CarterDec 1919May 1920Short story
The Streetlate 1919Dec 1920Short story
The Terrible Old Man28 Jan 1920Jul 1921Short story
The Cats of Ulthar15 Jun 1920Nov 1920Short story
The TreeJan-Jun 1920Oct 1921Short story
Celephaïsearly Nov 1920May 1922Short story
From Beyond16 Nov 1920Jun 1934Short story
The Templec. Jun-Nov 1920Sep 1925Short story
Nyarlathotepc.Nov 1920Nov 1920Short story
The Picture in the House12 Dec 1920Sum 1921Short story
Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His FamilyFall 1920Mar & Jun 1921 as "The White Ape"Short story
The Nameless CityJan 1921Nov 1921Short story
The Quest of Iranon28 Feb 1921Jul-Aug 1935Short story
The Moon-Bog10 Mar 1921Jun 1926Short Story
Ex Oblivione1920-Mar 1921 (unclear)Mar 1921Short story
The Other Gods14 Aug 1921Nov 1933Short story
The OutsiderSpr-Sum 1921Apr 1926Short story
The Music of Erich ZannDec 1921Mar 1922Short story
Sweet Ermengardec. 1919–21?1943Short story
HypnosMar 1922May 1923Short story
What the Moon Brings5 Jun 1922May 1923Short story
AzathothFragment Jun 1922Jun 1938Novel fragment
Herbert West–ReanimatorOct 1921-Jun 1922Feb-Jul 1922Novelette
The HoundOct 1922Feb 1924Short story
The Lurking FearNov 1922Jan-Apr 1923Short story
The Rats in the WallsAug-Sep 1923Mar 1924Short story
The UnnamableSep 1923Jul 1925Short story
The FestivalOct 1923Jan 1925Short story
The Shunned HouseOct 19241937Short story
The Horror at Red Hook1-2 Aug 1925Jan 1927Short story
He11 Aug 1925Sep 1926Short story
In the Vault18 Sep 1925Nov 1925Short story
Cool AirFeb 1926Mar 1928Short story
The Call of CthulhuAug-Sep 1926Feb 1928Short story
Pickman's ModelSep 1926Oct 1927Short story
The Strange High House in the Mist9 Nov 1926Oct 1931Short story
The Silver KeyNov 1926Jan 1929Short story
The Dream-Quest of Unknown KadathOct 1926-22 Jan 19271943Novella
The Case of Charles Dexter WardJan-1 Mar 1927May & Jul 1941Novel
The Colour Out of SpaceMar 1927Sep 1927Short story
The DescendantFragment early 19271938Short story fragment
The Very Old Folk3 Nov 1927Sum 1940Letter excerpt
History of the Necronomiconsketch Fall 19271938Brief pseudo-history
The Dunwich HorrorAug 1928Apr 1929Short story
IbidSum 1928Jan 1938Short story
The Whisperer in Darkness24 Feb-26 Sep 1930Aug 1931Novella
At the Mountains of Madness24 Feb-22 Mar 1931Feb-Apr 1936Novella
The Shadow Over InnsmouthNov-Dec 1931Apr 1936Novella
The Dreams in the Witch HouseFeb 1932Jul 1933Short story
The Thing on the Doorstep21-24 Aug 1933Jan 1937Short story
The BookFragment c.Oct 19331938Unfinished short story
The Evil ClergymanLetter extract Fall 1933Apr 1939Letter excerpt
The Shadow Out of Time10 Nov 1934- 22 Feb 1935Jun 1936Novella
The Haunter of the Dark5-9 Nov 1935Dec 1936Short story

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