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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Why are the Great Race so Great?

Sure, they mastered time and yes they have a great archive containing the vast sum of knowledge...but does that make them great? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the great race to see if the title of great race is warranted.
Let's look at the pros first shall we?
  1. They mastered time - I cannot lie this is a major plus for them.
  2. They have advance tech at their disposal - in the story shadow out of time the narrator mentions a "lighting" gun.
  3. The ability to send their minds into the distant past or far future - they seem to do this either to gather knowledge or to flee a disaster.
  4. They imprisoned the flying polyps - yeah....only for a short period of time.
  5. They have the ability to possess the bodies of unsuspecting individuals from multiple time periods or planets. - this is impressive..but also a dick move.
Now for the cons - 
  1. The forms they choose to inhabit when they escape destruction. They choose a half vegetable conical form instead of something like a trex..then they flee into the future and take over a race of beetle like creatures.. why didn't they look for something more imposing? Because they are lazy and settle for anything...
  2. For all of their intelligence and wisdom why didn't they foresee the destruction of yith? The answer is simple... they lacked common sense or they were to busy to notice..
  3. They built their home over the spot they imprisoned the flying polyps - again this shows lack of any sense at all.
  4. They dont like coffee - enuff said
So based on these pros & cons I say they are really average.

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