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Born and raised on Long Island, lifetime RPG gamer and lover of all things horror. Introduced to H.P.Lovecraft by a family friend in the early 1980s and I haven’t been the same ever since. Married for 22 + years to a beautiful woman and father to a son who every day makes me proud to be his dad. I am also the proud owner of the one and only Blu – a 25+ pound cat with no moral compass to speak of.

Vrykolakas, a vampiric native of Greece

bonus for Those who Hunt the Night CON 65 SIZ 50DEX 50 INT 65POW 65 HP 11 Damage Bonus: +1D4 Build: 1 Magic Points: 13 Move: 10 ATTACKS Attacks per round: 1 Bite: Depending on the style of your vampire, … Continue reading

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