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Sumatran Rat-Monkey

Rat Monkey

Sumatran Rat-Monkeys are a species of monkey/rat hybrid originating from Skull Island, better known as the indigenous home of King Kong, located off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia at around 12°S 78°E. The species is not naturally evolved; instead, they were formed from the local tree monkeys forcing themselves upon a species of rats known for carrying a plague. This plague is likely the same as the one carried by the Sumatran Rat-Monkey themselves—known as the Rage Plague, which transforms its victims into a zombie-like creature that is capable of physical mutation after prolonged infection.

The Sumatran Rat-Monkey was discovered by 1933, when a film crew aboard the SS Venture shipwreck on Skull Island. At least one of the creatures was captured during this time, although it seemingly bit at least one person on the team, presumably leading to their death. Whatever became of this specimen is unknown.

The species was thought to have been wiped out in an island-wide extinction in 1948, fifteen years after the island’s initial discovery. The island itself was believed to have been sunk into the ocean, presumably eradicating all species thereon, but it was rediscovered by 1957.

In 1957, the explorer Stewart McAlden arrived on Skull Island for his own expedition, possibly as part of the same expedition that occurred in the same year that consisted of Vincent Denham and Jack Driscoll (who had been on-scene in 1933). They captured a second specimen but were stopped by the local natives who demanded the creature be returned. The expedition attempted to escape instead to a waiting Jeep but McAlden was bitten and scratched by the creature, leading to the natives killing him to prevent his transformation. Despite this, the specimen is still successfully removed from the island and is shipped to the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand.

Sumatran Rat Monkey, malevolent abominations of nature

STR 10
CON 35
DEX 90
INT 50
POW 35
HP 4
Damage Bonus: -2
Build: -2
Magic Points: 7
Move: 9

Attacks per round: 1
Fighting Attacks: Sumatran Rat Monkeys attack by climbing the legs or clothes of human opponents, or dropping down from ceilings. Once an attack succeeds, the Sumatran rat monkey clings and keeps on biting. Tearing away a Sumatran rat monkey costs an additional 1D3 hit points to the unfortunate victim.
Fighting 45% (22/9), damage 1D4-2
Dodge 45% (22/9)
Armor: None, but attacks to hit a running Sumatran rat monkey are made with one penalty die.
Skills: Listen 50%, Stealth 75%
Sanity Loss: 0/1D6; if the legend of the Sumatran rat monkey was known to the observer in life, however, it costs 1/1D8 Sanity points to see it.

zombification: Sumatran rat monkeys bite can infect the victim with  a virus, known as the Rage Plague, which transforms its victims into a flesh eating zombie-like creature that is capable of physical mutation after prolonged infection

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