Brother Kevin Goss

BROTHER KEVIN GOSS, Clergy, Member of the Franciscan Order
STR 49 CON 54 SIZ 65 DEX 52 APP 55
INT 75 POW 70 EDU 86 SAN 77 HP 11
Damage Bonus: +0
Build: 0
Move: 6
Fighting (Brawl) 25% (12/5), damage 1D3+0
Dodge 24% (12/4)
Skills: Accounting 30%, Credit Rating 35%, History 45%, Language: Aramaic 39%, Language: Latin 50%, Library Use 56%, Listen 50%, Psychology 50%

Uncle Kevin – RIP

Father Kevin Goss, born and raised on Long Island joined the seminary at the age of 17 and was ordained into the Catholic Church at age 24. Transferred from his parish in queens to the federal hill parish in Arkham.

he became aware of the mythos when he discovered that his church was once used as a meeting hall for the church of starry wisdom. Father Kevin Goss then reached out to Professor Armitage in Miskatonic to see if they had any information on the cult.

What he found out surprised him, a journalist named Robert Blake once did a story on the church of starry wisdom but died before his story was published. Before his death, he was able to send the professor a copy of his story with photos.
Armed with new knowledge Father Kevin contacted the Roman Catholic diocese and asked if he can perform a cleansing ritual of the old church. Focusing on his faith, Father Kevin surrounded by his congregation walked into the old church and started the ritual.

Many witnesses from that event said the very foundation of the church shook and an unearthly sound can be heard coming from the steeple of the church as a massive shadow leaped from the steeple and flew off in the evening sky dancing over the cobblestone roofs of Arkham.
Inside the church, they found Father Kevin Goss – his hair now white as the freshly fallen snow of his old hometown Bethpage New York. He turned to the congregation and smiled weakly and said “My father’s home is now clean” then passed out. When he awoke days later, he resumed his duties at the church on Federal Street.  

Notes about this character

Brother Kevin Goss was real – he was my uncle and dedicated his life to his faith. He ran rehab centers for the Franciscan order; He helped many people get over their addiction and he was always there for me and my brothers.

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