Chilling Locations

The World of Amateurs
The world of amateurs is located in the hillside area of queens NY. Hidden from view in a cluster of gray drab buildings, one will find the World of Amateurs. Ran by Mr. and Mrs. Whaley, The World of Amateurs is New York’s first and finest swinging club and amateur porn studio.
  • Dark Secret : Mr. & Mrs. Whaley are really deep one hybrids who lure innocent couples into their lurid web so that they can impregnate the female patrons so the deep one race can continue

Happy Jack’s World of Burgers and fun
Happy jack is a recently new restaurant in Kingsport, Ma. They are known for their Blammo! Burgers and cheddar fries. They were founded back in 1923 in Toronto by Jack Warwick.
  • Dark Secret: Jack Warwick was a hitman for the mob and a member of the cult of endless night. He would use the restaurant as a cover to get rid of the evidence of his hits or from the cult.
  •  Dark Secret # 2 : Happy Jack serves human flesh as its meat patties
  •  Dark Secret # 3 : All of the staff belong to the cult of endless night 


About Tymothi

Born and raised on Long Island, lifetime RPG gamer and lover of all things horror. Introduced to H.P.Lovecraft by a family friend in the early 1980s and I haven’t been the same ever since. Married for 22 + years to a beautiful woman and father to a son who every day makes me proud to be his dad. I am also the proud owner of the one and only Blu – a 25+ pound cat with no moral compass to speak of.
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