Harvest Moon

“This place has a history
The Spaniards settled here
they burned the town and fields
they moved away from here
my grandma often told me
she knew it peaceful here
the war took all the vigor
War took the best from here”
          Harvest moon by Blue oyster cult
The pc’s are asked by the Taylor family of Arkham to investigate the disappearance of Marjorie

Taylor, a Miskatonic student who came to Harvest moon with her fiancé to visit his family before the wedding. She was last seen according to witnesses when she went out for a walk in the woods after dinner. Her fiancé is Henry Delamont, the son of the mayor Frederick Delamont who also owns the mill that employs 95% of the townsfolk of harvest moon.

Harvest moon Dark Secret:The town is cursed – if a willing person who comes to harvest moon while on a just cause is sacrificed then for the next year, the townsfolk will prosper failure to do so will result in disaster for the town.
Harvest moon Dark Secret 2: Marjorie was not kidnapped, she and her fiancé’s family belong to the Cult of Cailleach and they invented the story of the kidnapping to lure the investigators to Harvest moon so one of them can be used as a sacrifice 

Possible Outcomes:
  1. One of the investigators is killed during the ceremony and the cult stops all activity’s for another year
  2. The investigators disrupt the cult and the chosen investigator is saved

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