Investigators resource : The Map of Arkham

I would like to present, a map of Arkham for all of the investigators out there. Shouldn’t this be a keeper’s resource? Maybe…maybe not I feel that this should be shared with the players of call of Cthulhu to help them visualize the town. There is nothing on this map that could ruin a game for a player, it’s just here to be an aid. 
Click on the map for a larger view. remember to right click and select save image as. 

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Born and raised on Long Island, lifetime RPG gamer and lover of all things horror. Introduced to H.P.Lovecraft by a family friend in the early 1980s and I haven’t been the same ever since. Married for 22 + years to a beautiful woman and father to a son who every day makes me proud to be his dad. I am also the proud owner of the one and only Blu – a 25+ pound cat with no moral compass to speak of.
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