Tesla vs. Lovecraft


Horror author H. P. Lovecraft interrupts a demonstration of Nikola Tesla’s newest invention. Tesla ignores Lovecraft’s warnings, only to find that Lovecraft has become possessed by Cthulhu. Lovecraft steals all of Tesla’s inventions and uses them to open a dimensional gateway for the monsters described in his fiction. Players take the role of Tesla as he fights the monsters, initially armed with conventional arms and a teleporter. Players can upgrade Tesla’s weaponry as they find items, up to a mecha, and power-ups grant him brief advantages. Killing large numbers of monsters allows players to select perks, which grant special abilities during all fights on that level. Dying allows players to choose different perks, and they are reset when moving on to a new level.

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I know this game came out a while ago, but since this is my website – I am gonna post this anyway.

Tesla Vs. Lovecraft

The Keeper



Tesla vs Lovecraft is a twin-stick shooter video game developed and published by Finnish studio 10tons. Players control Nikola Tesla as he attempts to stop H. P. Lovecraft and his army of monsters. I normally do not play top-down games, but since this game features Tesla & Lovecraft I gave it a try on my PS4. I enjoyed it and I recommend this game to everyone who is into Lovecraft or not.


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