Dunwich Horror Radio Drama

The first video for the Temple of Cthulhu Channel is up – check it out

 “The Dunwich Horror”. A confusing story about a monster loose in the countryside. Ronald Colman should never be cast as a radio announcer! The production features will done sound effects. + The dogs of old Dunwich village have been barking for three days and three nights and the horror to which their barking portents, this unbelievable horror must be made believable to you and must occur tonight the eve of old Hallows for tomorrow it will be too late

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Born and raised on Long Island, lifetime RPG gamer and lover of all things horror. Introduced to H.P.Lovecraft by a family friend in the early 1980s and I haven’t been the same ever since. Married for 22 + years to a beautiful woman and father to a son who every day makes me proud to be his dad. I am also the proud owner of the one and only Blu – a 25+ pound cat with no moral compass to speak of.
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