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Mysterious Deaths – Arizona

  • The victim was an elderly female about 75 years of age. She has a pale complexion, wavy hair worn loose at the shoulders. Brown eyes with signs of cataracts in both eyes. Average height, on the chubby side and is dressed in in a house coat and slippers. She was found stuffed into a drainage pipe in a construction area. She had lacerations across her arms and chest – stuffed into her mouth was a black orchid.
  • The victim was a male about 18 years of age of native American descent. He had a tan complexion with a tribal tattoo on both shoulders and sported multicolored hair which was cut short to his ears. His eyes are missing, and he stood about 6’6 with an athletic build – he was found wearing just undergarments with 2nd to 3rd degree burns over his body. He was found in a crumpled heap as if he fell from a great height behind the bus top at 40th street and cactus – he was clutching a strange cloth in his right hand when found.
  • The victim was a female about 30 years of age. She has a clear complexion, long curly red hair, and shocking blue eyes. She was wearing hiking shorts, a top and sneakers. She was found 10 feet from the hiking trail on the superstition mountains. She had deep lacerations on her throat almost to the point of decapitation – but there was no blood found near her. Found in her fanny pack was a gold nugget.

These are just some of the mysterious deaths that can be used to kick off a case for delta green – next time we will look at some from my old stomping grounds – Long Island NY

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