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The Enigma Corporation

The Enigma Corporation is a Private Security firm, which is headed by Billionaire Robert Bigelow based out of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. The firm manages cases that often include cults, mysterious deaths, and paranormal encounters that other agencies do not investigate.

The Enigma corporation started in 1996 when Robert Bigelow purchased the skinwalker ranch with the sole purpose of investigating the occurrences that were reported at the ranch.

Business information

HQ Location: SkinWalker Ranch (main), Utah
                           Los Angeles, California
                          Toronto, Canada
Number of Employees: 400 internal staff
                                              200 Active agents


  • Pacific Northwest – park ranger Rachel Glen was sent to investigate the reports of the decline of the black bear population. Over the course of her study, she reports strange noises and the feeling of being watched. After setting up a camera trap, she hears a strange wailing sound and tracks it and to her surprise comes across several mutilated bear with tracks leading away from the scene. Following the tracks, she discovers a den with strange hair and the corpse of a known poacher. When she checks her camera traps, she sees a brief glimpse of a large hairy biped moving swiftly in front of the camera. She sends the hair sample and the video clip to the game warden, who sends it to the enigma corporation for verification. In response 2 agents are sent to investigate – Alice Mathers and Charles Dewitt – they spend 3 weeks investigating where they dispatched an unknown hominid and recovers the body.
  • New Orleans – In New Orleans, Josephine LeDieux is murdered by Malcolm Clement, whom she had been housing. Due to strange circumstances surrounding the murder, the authorities hire private security firm, the Enigma Corporation, to find and arrest Clement, who Agent Noel Connor reveals apparently died eight years ago. Accompanied by tactical specialist Elise Mooney and rookie agent Tanner Noble, Connor goes to Ledieux’s boarding house, where they believe her, other boarders may be harboring Clement even though it has been condemned. While searching, they discover a voodoo shrine and dismembered human remains. Noble detects movement outside and leaves to investigate, only to be attacked by a strange girl. Meanwhile, Mooney and Connor are attacked by the boarding house’s zombified residents and Clement. The agents manage to restrain Clement and escape the house but are attacked by a zombified Noble. Following Clément’s arrest, the boarding house is demolished, though it is unknown if the residents were inside at the time or not. Noble is given a quiet funeral, with Connor and Mooney in attendance. This is the first case where agents of the enigma corporation have died.
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