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Those Who Hunt the Night


A new occupation for Call of Cthulhu

Ages ago the island’s inhabitants were believed to be the leading experts on vampires, destroying them to be exact. Many people would capture vampires and bring them to the island to be taken care of by Santorini’s best. The island’s vampire reputation was documented by various travelers who only spread the word more. Montague Summers, who visited the island in 1906-1907 and Father Francois Richard also spread the vampire tales, as did Paul Lucas in 1705.

The island’s special vampire was the Vrykolakas (also Vyrkolatios). This vampire is like many in the sense that it drinks blood and of course, harms mortals. The ways to be turned into this vampire were many and varied.

  • Those that were stillborn or died without receiving their final rites.
  • Those that didn’t have a proper burial.
  • Those that died that had lived sinful lives.
  • If a person is killed by any fashion by a Vrykolakas
  • Those whose corpse was passed over by an animal before burial (measures were taken to prevent a dog or cat from jumping over the body while it laid out).
  • Being excommunicated by the church

And the list goes on and on. There seemed to be a million and one ways one could be turned into a vampire in Greece. The Vrykolakas was wicked and evil, but also a bit mischievous. It liked to kill by sitting on and crushing a sleeping victim. Sometimes the Vrykolakas would sneak into a home and pull on the bedclothes of someone asleep or it would eat all the food and wine left out for the next day’s meal. It would even mock people on their way to church or go so far as to pelt people with rocks as they walked to church. Clearly a troublemaker. But these traits and myths vary from village to village, each place has its version of what a Vrykolakas is and what it did. In most places, they did tend to agree on the methods of destruction, which was to either chop off the vampire’s head or impale it on a spike.

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